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Home care services for older adults, seniors, and people with medical conditions.

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If your family recognizes the value of aging in the home, you’ve come to the right place.  We provide compassionate and reliable home care services to help keep seniors safe and independent wherever they call home.   We help protect the dignity of those receiving care, and to enhance the quality of life for both seniors and their families in every caregiving experience.

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Finding a senior care provider with knowledge of the profession and know how to care for your loved one's needs is at the top of your list. You deserve to have a senior carer who is well trained and experienced in providing home care.

Ghaya Care has adopted a comprehensive personalized screening program that is designed to maximize your peace of mind. Whenever possible, you’ll have the opportunity to interview any caregiver we refer to you in advance of commencing services.

What are other families saying?

The caregivers have been kind, patient, responsible and sweet to my Mother. They are not only up to the task of making sure she’s safe, clean, fed.

Amal, daughter

They stepped in at one of the most difficult times in our life. They were able to accommodate us first in the hospital, then at home. There was a real bond of trust among us all.

Saeed, son

They went out of their way to take on tasks to make my life easier and had a great bond with my wife. I am grateful for the assistance, which much gave me a bit of a rest each day.

Faisal, husband

Quality of care you can depend on.

Certification programs have an important role to play in nursing education. They produce nurses equipped to meet the challenges of their profession.

Carers learn to analyze a variety of human behaviors, their causes, and their effects. Emotional, and psychological motivations for various abnormal.

Qualified Caregiver Services

Transferring / lifting

Our caregivers have the proper training and supplies necessary when called on to transfer your loved one from one location to another.


Our caregivers know the techniques and helpful tips for bathing your loved one who struggle with various physical challenges.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Working with elderly, our caregivers are very aware of the symptoms and know how to provide consistent, reassuring, compassionate care.

Incontinence care

Caregivers are prepared for what it may take to keep the client clean, dry and safe, and how to help clients keep their dignity despite potentially difficult or embarrassing situations.

Physiotherapy Exercises

Our caregivers will perform a range of basic exercises, to help relieve pain and increase mobility. The exercises will also help improve your loved one's balance and strength to help prevent falls and injuries.


Caregivers learn about basic cooking tips or simple menu plans to help them learn what your loved one likes to eat. Caregivers learn tips on how to cook basic local cuisine.

Our own Family app to keep you in touch.

Ghaya Care is the first home care company to launch a modern app to help busy families keep in touch and track their loved ones’ care. With a personal ID and password, registered family members can log on, day and night, and see exactly what duties our staff has performed for their loved ones.

Did my mother take her medication today?  Did she make it to his doctor’s appointment? Did she eat a healthy meal?

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