Corporate wellness

Tailor-made services for your employees that generate tremendous value by boosting morale and improving health.

Workplace Wellness Program


Updated information on germs spreading in the office and symptoms to look for.

Infection control

Control measures to take, including respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene.

Office hygiene

Advise on creating your company's sanitation policy for frequently touched surfaces.

Staff history

Staff medical and travel history report shared with the employer.

Health check-up

Physical assessment including temperature and vital signs.

Update: COVID-19
Control the spread at work

Reduce the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on businesses, workers and customers, and the public.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention recommends employers to encourage sick workers to stay home, raise awareness of good respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene, and regularly clean frequently touched surfaces in the workplace.

Our team of nurses and care providers can help companies by educating employees on basic infection prevention measures, including the correct way to practice hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. A physical check of all employees will be held to take temperatures, vital signs, record medical and travel history. This will help identify and protect employees who are at higher risk.

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